Monday, June 27, 2011

Nationals- Boston

It's been over a year now since we went to Nationals in Virginia! Crazy how fast time flys... and just a week ago we attended the 2011 ncfca National Tournament in Boston.

Ahh, what a fabulous tournament! It was a trip that shall never be forgotten!! The Lord blessed us all extremely! We all broke to quarter finals in something- Devin and Emma in their Duo, Emma in her Dramatic, and David and I in our Duo! :) Then I ended up breaking in my Dramatic all the way up to finals (huge shocker for me, because I didn't think I had a chance in my DI) and placing 3rd in the Nation! Wow. I can't tell you how surprised I was. I was... really... surprised. Haha. It was a huge blessing though, and I just want to give God all the glory! Without Him I wouldn't have been able to even break at a qualifying tournament! So praise be to Him :)

I was also blessed this tournament to be able to spend it with my grandparents and mom! :) They would come watch us in many of our rounds, were always supporting us and rooting us on! Thank you guys.. it means more than you know! :)

All of my fellow competitors were also a huge blessing during the entire tournament as well! I was able to be reunited with people I hadn't seen in over a year, catch up with close friends, meet new ones, and just have a splendid time with them all! The hardest part was probably having to say goodbye... "goodbye"... the words still echo in my mind.... haha, ok ok, I suppose I'm being a bit dramatic here (and I wonder why I placed so high in that event :P lol. jk!). But seriously, it was sad having to say goodbye to them all! I'm gonna miss them a whole lot!! However, hopefully (unless plans change) I'll be seeing most of them again next year! :)

A few of my favorite memories from the trip were: Touring Boston- Hanging out with my family (grandparents, mom and siblings)- Staying up late after each day talking- Dancing- Singing the "Leah" song with Emma to Leah- Talking to Troy on the phone :)- Chillin with people in the hallways before rounds- Singing!- Listening to Paul Jehle speak- Eating on a deck off the ocean with Belle, David and Grandma- Sitting next to the Contreras' during the awards and screaming extra loud for all the region 2(ers) (because they're the best!!;))- Laughing- Having heart to heart talks with my amazing sister Emma :)- Hanging out with "Edna"- Arguing with the ny(ers) how to pronounce "talk", "coffee", "tournament" (and countless other words! lol),- Freaking out after breaking to finals- Hugging my grandpa- And last but not least, smiling... :):) There are so many other highlights, but to save on time, I'll keep them to myself! ;)

I know God let every single thing that happened on the trip, happen for a reason, and I praise Him for allowing me (and my siblings) to participate in this tournament! To Him be all the glory forever and ever! :)

Hope you enjoy the pictures!

Blessings to all,

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