Saturday, April 3, 2010

Pictures from Idaho-

Emma, Katie and I <3>
The whole gang..
Our amazing artistic skill! ;P
Aww... :)
....just standing around...
"are you taking a picture?"
haha, Ted
Oh so CUTE!
lol.. this is an interesting picture...
Everyone after the ballot party. We were the last ones there.. that was a fun night!
Brad, Aaron and Doug!
Sam's face is epic!
I look so stupid in this picture.. :P Brad and David on the other hand.. haha =)
Aaron.. being his goofy self.. haha!
Luke.. the cool dude..
Devin, looking as cute as ever ;)
Brad, the model.. lol
Ok, so I must admit, this has got to be one of the coolest pictures... ever. Just epic!
Kolten.. :) :)
Aww, this is a good picture. Too bad it's kinda blurry though :P
The final debate round. So intense.
Katie!! Oh so pretty :)
I got bored in the car.. kinda cool though eh? :)
Tom doing the Kruse/monkey/face! haha =)
The Jr. Wolky...
hmm, wonder what they were looking at :-/
reach for it!! :P
we are so photogenic.. :P :P haha
I know, we're just too cool.. :P :)

Ok, so here are the pictures I promised I'd post! The tournament was a lot of fun! I miss everyone so much already... but, I shall see a lot of them in less then two weeks! I'm excited for regionals!

Mk, gotta go.. hope y'all are doing GREAT! :D

-Destiny ♥


Kate said...

haha i love all of these pics! esp. the one of emma near the beginning :D

AJ Strom said...

Thank you, for posting these! They're great! hahaha :)