Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Life must continue...


Lots of stuff has happened this last week. We went to a tournament, hung out with friends, made new friends, played insane mafia games, listened to music, watched movies, played pool, laughed, smiled, talked, talked and talked etc etc. :)

It was fun, tiring, exciting and all in all a great week!

But one thing I learned, was you can never be so sure about how things are going to turn out. No matter how much you are prepared, or not prepared, God has a plan, and whatever his plan is, that is what will happen.

David and I placed 2nd in duo. To me, this was shocking! We hadn't worked on our duo once since Clarion, and on Wednesday (the night before the tournament started) we finally did, and a lot of the lines had been forgotten. I was dreading having to go into the rounds for it. But, there was nothing I could do. I had to perform it, we had to do it. And every time God was gracious to us, and helped us through it, and somehow, just somehow, we ended up getting 2nd.. ah, God has such a great sense of humor :-)

Of course, the medals, trophies and award ceremony isn't what I'm going to remember in the years to come. I'm going to remember the things that really mattered. The friendships I built, the lessons I learned, and the way I saw God's sovereignty throughout the whole tournament.

Sometimes we often forget what really matters. We forget what's important, what we're really living for. I don't want to forget though. I want Christ to be my all in all, I want His light to shine, and most of all, I want people to see His light shine through me.

To God be the glory!

Anyways, all in all it was a great tournament. I miss everyone already! On Sunday night my dad and mom and all the little kids were able to come get us (Emma, Devin, David and I) from the Bradley's (since they had taken us to Idaho) and so everyone got to meet. As you can tell we got a picture of everyone together. Hard to believe that there's 16 kids and only 2 family's! haha :D We're all a lot alike, it's kinda funny... we had such a great time with them, and are so thankful for their hospitality :-)

I'm really looking forward to regionals! But for now.. life must continue, and reality is coming back into view. =)

Hope y'all are doing well :-)
-Destiny ♥

P.S. More pictures to come!


quinton said...

I like this post. :)

Kate said...

the way jack is holding saoirse cracks me up! :P