Thursday, February 4, 2010


So here I sit.

Yet again. As I do practically every time I post. Or at least on my blog. Cause I can't remember ever posting standing up, of laying down... hmm. Interesting thought :P

Ok, so that was random. Anyway, I'm not really sure what I want to say. I just felt like I should post. Even though I have posted way more this month then I have previous months... well actually, take that back. I haven't posted at all this month! sad thought. I guess it's only been 4 days of the new month. So give me a break!

But yeah, for some strange reason, posting on my blog makes me feel like I've accomplished something. Even though I haven't really. But it's the thought that counts. Right? :)

Well, right now... I'm basically just talking out loud. Which is really what I'm doing. So yeah... back to the "talking to myself" subject :P

Oh dear.

Alrighty... I'm not accomplishing much at the moment. Besides posting on my blog, and chatting with a dear friend (Katie ;D)... but yeah. Pretty exciting.

So maybe I should go do something.

Yes yes. That might be a good idea.

Great!!!! This post is wayyy to long now... :P Oh well. It's my blog! Right? ;)

Mk, well I'm going to go I guess... over and out!

[P.S. This picture made me smile. So I posted it. End of story. :-)]


Kate said...

Random is good!!! i love random! haha

Aaron said...

hahaha nice... :D

aLeXa said...

I can't believe I sat through and read this whole thing! How could you write so much but yet say so little. xD