Thursday, November 19, 2009

JUMP!!! :)

So yeah... this was when we did musical practice's.. and had soooo much fun... and would jump up and down.. up and down... up and down..........

Ok, so we might have only done it like twice. But it was fun none the less!

Anyways, just thought I should post something on here... since I hardly ever do :P

So yeah! That's all for now!

Love ya'll!!!


TJS said...

I was gonna say, I don't remember that! ;D
Yes, you should post more. More pictures are always good. And art. And videos. (you haven't posted one in a while.) Bye!
See you today. :)

breanna anderson said...

your so awesome Destiny:) I sure do miss you guy's.


Jopics said...

Wow, nice pic. You are so cute. I miss getting together with you guys and doing musical practice. :D Luv u lots!

Destiny said...

Wait... today Tianna?? I didn't know I was going to see you today???

Awww.. thanks Breanna! We miss you all soooo much too! :D

Olivia, I miss the practices too! :'( but, we must go on with our lives.... ::sigh:: lol! Love you too!! =)

TJS said...

Well we were going to come over to see your house and watch the HSM movie that we finished editing, but then at the last minute your mom said you guys were going to be gone. So we actually didn't see you... as you probably figured out. :)