Monday, October 12, 2009

just..... a post.


just wow..


I have not posted an actual "post" (as in, me writing to you all) in a very long time!

I know I know.... you probably aren't even reading this blog anymore! but, it's still in existence... so, I might as well post.


ok, I'm making no sense. Which, would explain to you all, that I've been on a very short amount of sleep the past couple of weeks.


I'm so weird.

Anyways........ if I haven't lost you already, then you must be a friend! well... not to say, that if I have lost you (meaning, you're not reading this anymore) you're not my friend.. but, you get my point. well actually, you would get my point.. cause you wouldn't be reading this.

ok. I'm done... jee, I just realized.. I say "ok" way to much!
sorry :P

so I'm shutting up now....

BYE! =)
and good night :D

Yours truly,

(P.S. look at my last post. and come to the show. I would be very happy if you did :D ok, I'm officially done talking now)

(P.P.S. enjoy taking a good long laugh at the picture I put on here. but if it doesn't make you laugh... well... you just must be weird! haha... hopefully that didn't offend any of you :-/ lol! ok.... I'm seriously done talking now (ohmygosh! I just said "ok" like two times again!) ok..... nie nie now :D ♥)


Jopics said...

Des, you silly thing you. Thats FINE that you say ok a lot. Hey I think its better than me saying dude all the time. lol. Of course you are wierd, you wouldn't be Destiny if you weren't. Hey I love you tons girl. I'm glad I know you. See you Friday!

TJS said...

I read your blog, so you'd better keep posting! :D
Hey, I've been low on sleep too! I like that picture, and I think you're hilarious! :)
ok, -Tianna

Bracie said...

Well, Destiny, I'm sstill here... and reading... when there's something to read.

Will I see you @ NCFCA tournies this year???

And I have a blog now! It's called The Locket... come see!

David Kruse said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
John said...

Well, I guess all your friends have posted now. At least you know who your loyal friends are. LOL. You are a funny girl. I can hardly wait to see you in the musical. Love you.

Jopics said...

David you silly thing you. Your comments are not worthless. I don't know what we'de do without you. There are no words to describe you, because amazing is not good enough. =D Miss you. See you Friday.

Destiny said...

Hey Gracie!! Yes, hopefully I'll be at a couple of the tourney's this year... will you be? I hope I can see you!! :D

and thanks everyone... I may be weird, but my friends are amazing ;)

♥ -Destiny

Bracie said...

Yup! Stoked.......

Mackenzie said...

Hi Destiny! My name is Mackenzie and I was just blog hopping and I found you. I've had those 'Just a post' days, many actually. But people love random posts! I'll keep stopping by!


Stephanie said...

Destiny, you're so cute!

I don't like posting on my blog, because I'm sure that nobody reads it and that I'm just wasting my time. ;) But you KEEP ON posting, girl! You are a talented blogger!!

heehee. That sounded so cheesy, huh? But it's true...


Destiny said...

well I'm glad y'all like random posts ;)

and Stephanie!!!... I read your blog, and so does a lot of other people I'm sure, so don't give up blogging!!! :D

oh and that was sweet... "talented blogger".. what a complement :P lol!!! :D

Josiah said...

Yep, you're silly. I haven't been on here forever either. I have been checking out your drawings though, they're amazing.

Cassie said...

Hey, you don't know me, but I found your blog through Lauren's. She and I met at Jonah camp years ago and have recently gotten back in touch.

Just wanted to say, that for some odd reason your post made complete sense.....not sure if that's a good sign, or not, but it made me smile. Sounds like something I would write. :)


David Kruse said...

I deleted my comment above. I just wanted to say to all of you guys/girls who left a comment that I have a blog and I am the proud brother of this sister of mine. Yup!