Monday, July 27, 2009

Fair results.-

Well.. I entered my drawing in the Jackson County Fair (well actually, it was under my cousins name because I forgot to enter, so he let me use his slot.. thanks Kolten!) anyhow, I was pretty excited about the results! :D

So yeah.. thought I'd let all you bloggers out there know and show you the pic.. also, just wanted to say that I'm sorry for not posting that much anymore... gosh, I think facebook took over my blogging time! lol! but, it shouldn't! So I'll try and post more, ok? ok! :D

Alrighty, better get going! ttyl laterz!



Grandma of Many said...

Thanks Destiny for sharing your victory. I'm proud of you and your cousins. Karissa did awesome as well as Esther, Ellie, and Levi.

Jopics said...

hey there destiny, good job on this picture, it turned out really good, many blessing!!!
-Jo Bugg

Destiny said...

Thanks! :D