Friday, June 12, 2009

Drawing- Keira Knightly

The Drawing
The Original picture

Alrighty, well I finished another drawing! Here is the "drawing" that I did of the movie-star/actress Keira Knightly! It took me awhile.. but I did complete it, and that's all that matters, right? lol :D

So anyways... I want to hear your opinions. Do you think it looks like her???
Ok.. I guess I'll be hearing from y'all soon :D



Grandma of Many said...

All I can say is AMAZING JOB! You continually outdo yourself. Your Grandma is very proud of you.

Bracie said...

There is surely a resemblance... but do you think her neck is a little thin? I mean, I know her neck is thin anyway... = D


Destiny said...

Well.. in the original picture that's actually how it looks :-/ but now that you point it out, it does kinda look weird :P

TJS said...

I think it looks exactly like her!!!!
Question: Are you a fan of Kiera Knightley?
Love the picture! ...and all the ones you've done.

Destiny said...

Umm... well sorta.. I love Pirates of the Caribbean and Pride and Prejudice, and she's in them both! So.. yeah.. I'd say she's one of my favorite actress'! =)

Hosanna said...

THAT IS SCARY! that is AMAZING! looking at the original photo and comparing it to the your drawing...its scary! Awesome job Destiny. you have an amazing talent!+

John said...

You are SO good. Remember your place on my blog?

Sydney said...

WOW! You are an *amazing* artist! 0_0 It looks just like her. :D