Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Only Hope- Performed by Destiny Kruse :-)

Here is a video of me singing the song "Only Hope". It's written by Switchfoot, but I'm performing it Mandy Moore's version on the movie "A Walk to Remember". I hope y'all enjoy it!


[btw... yes, I videoed this in the bathroom.. lol! :D oh, and I'm not singing with Mandy Moore.. this is just me.. just so you know :P]


Bracie said...

Love that song! I usually listen to Switchfoot's version, though- not Mandy Moore's. Of course, they all have great voices.

My mom always makes fun of my liking that song- she says it's mopey. = )

Bathroom acoustics- that's kind of fun!

BitterSweet said...

Hey it's got great acoustics in there. Best place to sing. lolawtc
(that means laugh out loud and wake the cat)
I love that song. I didn't know that it was Switchfoot's song. I've only ever heard Mandy's version. Isn't it sweet??? I love singing it too, but the "top of my lungs" line gets to high so I can't *sad*
You did a GREAT job. You have an amazing range.
Next time though turn the music down and sing louder. There were some parts I could barely hear you. Which is a shame.

TJS said...

Wow, I really didn't know you could sing that well!
That was pretty awesome. I'm wondering what your siblings thought outside the door.... :)

BitterSweet said...

Haha yeah. "Sis? Are you ok in there?" Haha!

Anonymous said...

That is my favorite song from "A Walk to Remember" I love the movie. One of the favs. Love Mandy Moore to, but I didnt know Switchfoot sang it.