Monday, May 11, 2009


...the day that we all know will roll around sooner then we think, and most of the time sooner then we want!

Monday is the beginning of the week. Depending on how well this day goes, is usually sets the stage for how exciting or depressing the up-coming week will be. Sometimes, I have really bad Mondays.. and other times I have really good Mondays.

The things I like to ask myself at the beginning of every week is, "Will God be glorified this week?" "Will I be lazy, or productive?" "Will I have a good attitude?".. and the list goes on.

Every single day, God is always faithful! He never ceases to rise up the sun in the morning, or have the moon and starts shining at night! What a great and wonderful God we serve!!!

Now, the thing I wanna ask you is this: are you gonna strive to be imitators of God? Faithful with your everyday tasks? will you complain? or have a good attitude?

It's your choice.. and today is the day to make your goals! It's Monday...

God bless y'all this week,


Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for reminding us Destiny. We need to make the right choice and make it a great week. With God's help, we always can.

TJS said...

Thanks Destiny, great post! I usually hate mondays, but focusing on the right things can really help.