Thursday, April 9, 2009

Funny Home-video: David and the Dogs

Here is a really funny home video that we have of David when he was only like 4... hope you enjoy it! lol, tell me if you get as much of a kick out of it as me and my family do!




Anna Louise Goldman said...

How did you get that one????..
That's a goooood one.
But, I don't know if it didn't get to him.


Ginger said...

Funny but Sad...that is true "Grin" but a great video nontheless at David's expense. Maybe you should send it into the show "Funniest Home Videos".

John said...

Poor David. He sure was cute back then.

Kaila Anderson said...

That was so funny!!! When a pit-bull gos plowing into you it can hurt :)

Quinton said...

Yes!! Hahaha... that was great.. the slow motion and David turning his head straight at the dog... priceless.

note: i'm sure that hurt, but i can see David laughing at it now. :)

And yeah, David seems to have turned out alright... :D

The Bud and Ernie Show said...

wow. :) that was funny ...
It's always fun till someone gets hurt....... then it's hilarious. :)

BitterSweet said...

See all yall are all "That's funny!" I'm all like "Awww! That poor baby! I can't believe they would laugh when they big scary doggy knocked him over!"
lol then again...I don't know him.

Grandma of Many said...

I can't believe David was that little. That was so cute Des and thanks for sharing it. Poor David didn't look too happy though. Cute dogs, ha! Love, Grandma Dot