Thursday, February 26, 2009

20 Random things about myself-

1. I really love acting!

2. If I could travel out of the USA and go to another country, I would pick England!

3. I used to sleep walk. One time (when I was about 6) I opened up the door, went outside, and walked all around in the middle of the night. My mom (luckily) got up and found me.

4. I used to take Martial arts! I loved it... However, I have this really interesting story. I was at my first tournament, it was the final round and I was sparing for 1st place. In that round I drew blood and was disqualified. That was kind of a bummer, and I think I almost cried... but don’t worry, at tournaments after that I got a 2nd and 1st. So, that was pretty neat :D

5. When I was really little I fell on a toiled seat and got a black eye.

6. I don’t really like any animals! Sorry, but... I just, don’t :P Actually, I like horses and cats. But, that’s really it. :)

7. I’m a person that likes things to be clean. But, I’m also very sloppy. I can let my room get pretty messy... :P

8. Ice skating is one of my favorite things to do!!! So, if you ever want to go, make sure to call me up and I’d love to go with you!

9. I have a lot of hobbies. I love doing crafts and stuff. Anyhow... I’ll go on these splirts of sewing a lot, then dropping that and picking up drawing.. etc. it’s pretty funny!

10. I have a problem with starting a whole bunch of books, but never finishing them.

11. I love taking pictures!!!

12. I’m very social! I love being with people and meeting new people!!!

13. Speech and Debate tournaments are probably one of my favorite places to be! I really have a blast at them!

14. My favorite color is “Purple”! Oh yeah... it’s the best!

15. When I get married, I would love to have at least 12 kids [that is, if God blesses me with that many :D]

16. I have an amazing family!!! They are the best and I couldn’t ask for a better one!

17. I’ve had the experience of riding a motorcycle [by myself] and crashing into a palm tree with it... yea... don’t ask! [if you don’t already know the whole story, and really want to know more details, you can ask for them on the comment section :D]

18. When performing one of my speeches, I do better in front of a big crowd then a small one.

19. I’ve never been able to sing the song “Amazing Grace” and sound good! It’s just one of those songs...

20. As a little girl, I used to wish that I could marry my Dad!

And there you have it... 20 [very random] things about myself :D


Heidi Anna Lisa said...

Story please???? Wow crashing into a tree on a moter cycle....sounds like something I would do!!! God Bless,
- Heidi

Rachel Marie said...

I found your blog through some of our shared likes, especially photography. I love the stories and the pictures of your family. I myself, just started a blog, in which I will be posting pictures of the cards and jewelry I make as well as some of my poems and stories.
Keep up the great blogging!

Destiny said...

Heidi: Alrighty... I'll tell you :D
Well, I was living in Florida at the time, and was about 6 years old. I was riding my brother David's motorcycle, when it was really supposed to be Devin's turn. Anyhow, when my uncle heard that I was being selfish, he jumped on his motorcycle and started chasing after me... I looked behind to see how close he was when I "smashed!" right into the tree! Luckily... I didn't get hurt hardly at all! I had a few scratches on my back.. but that's pretty much it!
So, it's real "miracle" story! :-)

Bob And Lindsay said...

D - You got the sleep walking from your Grandma Dot. Ask her sometime about the nightstand and sleepwalking.
Uncle Bob