Thursday, January 1, 2009

Pictures: New Year-

Most of the Grand kids with Grandpa Ken (we celebrated his birthday last night as well!)
Jonathan and Abigail
Ellie and I
Noah... trying to sing... haha, so cute! :D
I just love this picture... two cousins, Jonathan and Katrina!
Ellie, Esther and I
Murren, Emma and Katrina
Uncle Steve and Anna
Grandpa Ken and Kaila
Esther and Mercy
All of us girls singing the song "Grandpa" 

Well, here are just *some* of the pictures that were taken last night and early today. We all had a very fun time, and I  hope you all did as well!

God bless,

[note: to see more pictures click here]


Vickie said...

Nice pictures Destiny and it was fun last night Even THo I'm a nut but another fell off the tree with me lol (KENNY). Love you and hugggs coming your way...

Josiah said...

I noticed you don't have baritone on your poll! No problem, I can sing tenor or bass too.

Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for the pictures and memories Des. They will be cherished. They are all so cute. I wouldn't say all of the grandchildren with Grandpa but all of the ones down here - 24 to be exact and don't forget Jodi's baby that will be coming out to join us next month. There are still 7 in Washington and we missed them during all of the holidays. Well, I'm off to Hawaii. Have fun and learn your speeches. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

It looks like Great pictures of a really great group of kids!!!!