Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Of Speech-

Yes, it has been decided. The Dice has been cast and the choice has been made. Nothing else can change, and nothing else will.

Devin and I are a doing a duo on "My Fair Lady".

Yup. That's it. I get to be the girl with the big hat, and Devin is the one with the goofy smile... jk! :o)

I just got the book yesterday, and am excited about writing the script. It should be really fun!

Hopefully the script shall be ready to go by this Saturday.. but, ya never know what can happen in our house! :o)

Also, I'm almost done writing my OI [Open Interpretation]. I'm actually making up the story, so... it should be interesting... haha! To give you a brief outline of the story, read this: 
  • Julia, a young girl no older then 18 found herself in the midst of persecution, death, and utter horror. Nero was Caesar in the Roman Empire, and the Christians were undergoing great tribulation and torture. Julia, even though very young, was amazed at the courage and peace of these Christian men and woman, yet at the same time she wondered why she had such pity for them. She had everything. Her father was respected in Rome, her family was of partition blood, and she was betrothed to one the handsomest soldiers in Rome. But she felt empty. She felt alone.

Anyways, we'll see how that turns out:D

As for my DI [Dramatic Interpretation] I believe I'm going to do it on the book called China Cry. It's a true story of the love, courage, and struggles of one woman, Nora Lam, whose Christian faith led her to make the ultimate choice between life and death.

 It has a very powerful story, and I'm really thinking it would be a good DI. But, I'll just have to wait and see! 

So, now you know what I've been up to! [besides the fact that I'm also very busy with school, homework, house-cleaning etc...] 

Alrighty, sorry for the long post... I didn't realize it would end up this... long... :o)

Hope you all are doing tremendous! Oh, and if you have any (and I mean "any") idea's on what I should do a Persuasive or Expository on, please inform! 

God bless,


Grandma of Many said...

It sounds like you are going to be one busy young lady. They all sound great. I know you will give it your best in whatever you do or pick. Love you, Grandma Dot

Anonymous said...

You guys will do great! I love the movie My Fair Lady! It is one of the favs!
God Bless,
Brianna Bowman

David Kruse said...

well, you might get to 3rd place. try your best. be a good you.

Anonymous said...

Nice! You kids will rock, I'm sure of it!

Love to see it - Record it some!

Peace - Tay

Anonymous said...

well it's looks like we will be against each other in OI. You know (it just dawned on me) I have never done another tip of speech in any other category then OI. weird.