Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Pictures from the Centennial Play

Okay.. so I had to get married to my brother in the play:) Fun times... Ha!
From left to right: Cr8on, Ellie, Karisa, Josh, Destiny (me), David, Anna, Alex, Tait and Kaila
Andrew proposing to Melody :o)
Kaila- who played "Cousin Elizabeth" and who also was the "Writer" and "Director" of the play! Go Kaila!
Destiny (me)- who played "Melody Peterson"
Anna- who played "Mrs. Heritage"

Karissa-who played "Mrs. Peterson"

Ellie-who played "Julia Heritage"

The play was a huge success! Everyone enjoyed it! God is so very good.

There may be more pictures to come in the future.

God bless,
[Note: To see more pictures go here and here]


Vickie said...

great pictures and it was a nice play and you all put a lot of work into it...

John said...

Everyone looks great! I'm sure someone taped it? It will be wonderful to see it.

Grandma of Many said...

What an awesome play it was. I can't believe all the work all of you put into it. Thanks for writing the play Kaila and thanks to each one of you actors that made it great. Destiny, great post of the pictures. We want more! Love, Grandma Dot

Kaleb said...

man that looks like sooo much fun. I wish I could have been there!

Ginger said...

Hey....I demand a repeat performance...I want to see it...it looks like so much fun and a lot of hard work went into the production. I hope to at least see a tape of it. Awesome...keep performing all of you!!!!!