Monday, July 28, 2008

Lots of pictures...

Here are a whole bunch of pictures that were taken in this last week. Enjoy looking at them!
Pictures from the Super Regional:

Standing in line for food...
We just had to snap a picture... :D
Anna looking so very beautiful!
David and Josh talking (as usual)
Kaila... and everyone around her. We were eating, and it sure was good food!
I wish you all could have been there at the Super Regional event. It went really good! I learned a lot! David and my duo went well. We only messed up a few times and when we did everyone just laughed and thought it was funny.
Pictures of Karissa and I matching:

Don't worry, we didn't fall:D

Karissa and I decided we should match on Sunday because Grandma Dot had bought us matching opposite hats. So, we did! It brought back lots of memories. When we were younger we would call each other almost every week and match all the time! It was fun:o)

Pictures from the Concert:

The Mercy Me singer
THe Mercy Me guitar playing (I think)
The Casting Crowns main singer
The whole crew! Grandma bought us each a shirt! There were a total of 17 of us grand kids there. I know, WOW!
Mrs Deems, Aunt Tami, Aunt Heather, Grandma Dot and my Mom!
Karissa, Kaleb, Devin, Collin and I
Yup, we got to go to the "Casting Crowns" and "Mercy Me" concert! It was amazing!!! We all had a blast. Grandma bought tickets for ages 9 and up of the grand kids to go. It was really fun! It was also a sort of surprise present for Aunt Tami's birthday party.
So, that's that. I hope you all like the pictures. I haven't posted so many at a time for quite a long awhile. Anyhow, talk to y'all later!
God Bless,


Grandma of Many said...

Thanks for sharing and it was so much fun. I loved seeing all your smiling faces when you received your tickets to the concert. You all look so cute in your matching shirts. And, of course, all the pictures of you and Karissa matching are darling. Love, Grandma Dot

Grandma of Many said...

Forgot to say that I love the Regional pictures. You and David did awesome. What a long standing ovation you two received. Great work! Our CEO and Founder and all Corporate loved it along with our chief science doctor. You guys stole the show. Well, I must say, your Uncle Kenny tried to take that away and did an awesome job. Love, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

As always you have posted some really fun pictures. Loved catching up what has been happening up there in Oregon. Can't wait for you to post your duo or some of it on your blog. Love Aunt Ginger

PS You and Karissa remind me of Aunt Tracie and Uncle Troy...they were always together and the best of friends. Believe it or not your Grandma Dot and I would dress them as twins when they were little "Grin"

David Kruse said...