Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Exciting news!

Hey! I just wanted to let you all know that my family got a new house! Yay... we moved in yesterday. It's a really nice one (brand-new). We still haven't moved all the way in but we're working on it!

David and I are keeping busy with our duo that is slowly coming together. We finally actually have the whole duo memorized. So... that's always good:D

Well, I better go now. I've got lots of stuff to do!

God bless,

[Note: I got the stuff from the fair back so I'll try and post some pictures of them later on]


Lauren Reavely said...

will you post some pictures of your house? :)

The Goldman Family said...

Destiny we are sooooooo happy for your family! God is awesome and worked such a miracle for you all! The best part of the move is your so close to us now here where the eagles fly....Eagle Point!! Yeah!!!
Congrats sweetie,

Destiny Jane said...

Lauren: Yes, I will try:o)

Kelly Taylor said...

that's exciting, des! i was also pretty pumped to hear about the new little one coming! sounds like life is keeping you guys busy! good stuff. :)
blessings, kelly

Grandma of Many said...

Des, Your home is really nice but Grandma sure misses you guys already. Although, you were gone one night and spent the night last night with Karissa getting things ready for the auction at the Regional. Thanks for both your hard work. Get the duo finished. Love you, Grandma Dot