Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Drawing: ?

Here is a drawing I just did yesterday. I thought I'd be fun to play the guessing game again. So, who do you think this is?

Clue: She is one of my friends from speech club-

Have fun!



Stephanie Nicole said...


Aaron Sleadd said...

It's Victoria!! ...wearing a big wig. haha! jk :D

See ya later!

Grandma of Many said...

Definitely Victoria - great job Destiny. Grandma Dot

John said...

Seriously, you are getting very good at drawing. Faces are very hard to draw. Wow. Keep it up. I would like you to draw me when we come up. Of course, a little touch-up wouldn't hurt!

Ginger said...

Destiny....again great job. I don't know your friends from Speech but I am sure it looks just like victoria that everyone is suggesting it is. Oh...if you do draw Uncle John when we come up I hope you can give him blond hair "Grin"...he still thinks it is that color but we all know it is white. Course in a black and white drawing we won't be able to tell. He will love that! Love you and keep drawing. Aunt Ginger

Isaac Harris said...

It looks like a freeze frame from Come What May. Is it?

Destiny Jane said...

Yup, It's Victoria, the 'star' from Come What May!

I got the picture from the Emmons which is on the cover from the movie Come What May.

Good Job to you all for guessing right:o) I'm glad that it's getting easier for you... it's a good sign!