Sunday, June 15, 2008

Very Exciting news!

Hey everyone! I have some very, very exciting news to tell y'all! My mom is pregnant!!! Yup... I'm serious! She's pregnant with number 9.

We were all so surprised. She just found out tonight and that was my dads fathers day gift:) We are all so happy.

Please pray that the pregnancy will go well and that the baby will be alright.



Alexa Sleadd said...

That's awesome!! But what about over-population?!! Haha, just kidding.
See ya around. I wish you could come to the Voddie Baucham conference in Portland this weekend!!

Aaron Sleadd said...

Lucky duck! heehee. Jk.

Yeehaww! That's great! Now you guys will be ahead of the rest of the cousins! ...and only 3 away from a dozen! :)

k, bye and take luck. :D

The Goldman Family said...

now Jeb will have a partner.


Hosanna said...

May the Lord bless you with a good pregnancy.
Thats totally AWESOME!!! siblings are so fun...I have six. You are really blessed to have so many. We'll be praying and have fun with the new one.

Ginger said...

I have always heard it is cheaper by the dozen "Grin". I pray your Mom has a healthy pregnancy. I know she will have lots of support. Love you all. Aunt Ginger

Joshua West said...

thats crazy talk, i am so excited for you guys and i cant wait to see the baby! i think you should name the baby JOSHUA if it is a boy. its a good name and it means (Jesus Saves!)

well talk to you later :)