Monday, March 3, 2008

What's been happening in my life...

Hey... just thought I'd let you in on what's been happening lately:D
Yesterday was church and there was another awesome sermon by my Uncle Kenny. Anyway, after church was over we had potluck then after that we all just sat around and talked... then, guess what happened? My grandma raised her voice and said, "Who wants to see Kaila and David’s duo?" everyone said, "I do!" So, we watched their duo and then the speeches just kept on coming... I got to give my Anne of Green Gables talk and my duo with Devin. That's always fun!
So, today I've been working on speeches because, as you probably know I will be going to a speech tourney in 3 or 4 days. We get Omnibus off this week, so that's nice. Devin and I have practiced our duo 4 times today already. We are trying to get it really good (so Alexa and Aaron you better watch out, JK:o)... anyway, I'm going to try and at least practice each of my speeches 5 times a day, because I heard that all the winners practice at least 5 times a day, and I want to be a winner! Haha... so, that's what’s happening! Please pray for all of us that we will get all our speeches memorized in time! I can’t wait to see old and new friends at the tourney and hope to glorify God in everything I do! God bless!

Hope to hear from y'all soon, talk to ya later!!!


Grandma of Many said...

Destiny, those pictures of Jonathan are priceless. Great job of taking them. Well, I love hearing the speeches as much as you guys love doing them. You all did so good last night. But, you are all winners when you do your best and use it to glorify God. Love you and can't wait! Grandma Dot

Aaron Sleadd said...

Ok. We'll watch out! :)

See you tomorrow!

Destiny Jane said...

Thanks Grandma!

Oh, and Aaron.... you know I was just kidding.... there's no way we'll beat you two!