Wednesday, March 12, 2008


Hey ya'll! So... how are you doing? I'm doing okay, I guess:D I brought my trophy to speech club last night and had everyone sign it. It looks so cool now!

Anyway... right now I'm just sitting around and wondering what to do. I have lots of homework from Omnibus but probably won't get to it till around 10:00 p.m tonight... I should start it early, wouldn't that be a change:0) (for those of you that don't know, I'm a late person rather then a early person... people say I get it from my mom:0)

So... what else should I tell you... hmm... uh... *thinking very hard*... hmm... uh... don't you hate it when your mind goes blank? maybe it's just me:D I seem to be different than most people... I don't know why...

Okay, how's about I tell you 10 things that you would never have known about my siblings and I:0)

1: We like to skip school... haha, what a surprise:D
2: We eat pretty healthy (I really am serious)
3: We like to travel! Yippee!
4: We're known for being a very loud family who talks a lot!... and no, it's not a compliment...
5: We love to meet new people!
6: We all have big blue eyes!
7: We don't have the best table manners, but we're working on them!
8: We started many different catechisms but never finished any of them... but, we are going to finish the one we are doing right now! I'm pretty sure!
9: We're pretty good at cleaning... if you don't mind me saying so:D Haha...
10: We like some movies that some people think are really stupid... I guess we have a strange sense of humor:oP

Anyway... hope you liked that... it was fun thinking of different stuff to say about us kids...

Okay, I need to go... dinner is ready:D

Talk to y'all soon!


P.S Sorry that this was such a long post... I guess I just like to talk:D


Grandma of Many said...

Well, I wonder if your Uncle Kenny is going to see this post. He will know why if you don't get your homework done. You kind of sound like Anne Shirley, ha! You must remember we all see these posts so don't tell us too many of your faults. Love you, Grandma Dot

John said...

I liked it. Gives me an insight to you and the family. And it shows you are honest. I think that the BIG speeches are over and you just need time to unwind. And you do it by writing. I think Grandma is right, you are a little bit like Anne!

Ginger said...

That was a fun post to read and to learn about "Grin". I too think you are unwinding and getting ready to charge ahead for your upcoming events (more homework, more speeches, regionals...and just being a sweet Destiny). Have a great rest of the week. Love you lots.

Ruth Owen said...

Wow....I can tell someone's bored ;op