Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Happy Birthday Kolten and Natalie!!!

Happy birthday you two! Hope you each had a wonderful day!

I just got back from Kolten’s birthday party. It was lot's of fun. We went to the 'Wild River Brewery' (a pizza place). The Goldman’s, Anderson's, Deems, Aunt Vickie, Grandpa Ken and Grandma Dot and my family were there. We ate a lot of pizza (and I mean a LOT!) It was fun! We got to play cards and talk and... eat?.... haha:D

Anyway... just thought I'd share that with you.... if you care to know:D

David, Devin, Emma and Jared (plus cousins) are all leaving for a chess tourney in Portland tomorrow. I kinda I wish I could go just for the fun, but... I can't:D Oh well... I hope they have a save drive up and down. I sure will miss them. It will be strange with only 4 kids here…

K, need to go now... oh, and we are going to take Omnibus off for Thursday and Friday since David and Uncle Kenny won't be here (Uncle Kenny is going to drive up with them). But we will be back at it next Monday!

Alright... talk soon:D


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Ginger said...

Happy birthday to Kolten and it sounds like that pizza party was fun and mighty tasty!!!! Glad everyone could go and share in the fun.

Good luck to those going to the chess tournament too.

We are off to see Horton Sees a Who with Emily, Justin and Heather in about an hour.