Thursday, February 7, 2008

What do you think of these? Heehee... :0)

Oh no!!!
What did he do? :0)
What's up?
We're sad...


Giving the bad look!
I'm sad and Jonathan is wondering why...

I was having some fun with my little brother Jonathan and little sister Abigail tonight. We took a LOT of PICTRES! I didn't post them all:) Hope you like them and what do you think of them?



drew said...

I think you have to much time on your hands!!!jkjk. Well, nice pics, i couldn't get my little siblings to do that!

Grandma of Many said...

It looks like the three of you had a lot of fun last night. I wonder what Jonathan was thinking or what did he do??? It is good to spend time with your brother and sister. Love you, Grandma Dot

Kaleb said...

coolio pics!!!

'Mr. Sledvinsky' said...

Hey Destiny, just wanted to tell you and your family that we had such a great time last night! It was really fun having you guys over for dinner!! Tell Devin that Caleb is really excited about the skateboard thing... :D

Destiny Jane said...

Mr. Sledvinsky: Alright I will... We had such a FUN time too!!! Even if the card games were kinda boring... haha:D Well, thanks again for inviting us over!!!

Ginger said...

Cute and funny pictures Destiny. I know Jennifer just posted some silly pictures on her blog site too. You are all funny..but really cuties!!!!!

Mr. Sledvinsky said...

Hey, who said the card games were boring?!? I thought they were fun! :D

Ted said...

Hey Destiny!!!

I haven't commented on here in forever! :( bad me... :D

ok first of all Taylor does have a blog, but he never writes on it (his last post was in 2006 haha) if you look at the comments on my latest post he wrote a comment and if you click on his name it will take you to his profile. :)

And I'm so excited you guys are coming up for the Rainmakers tourney!!!! yay!!!! I'll actually be competing in that tourney... I'm going to do impromptu, and maybe (just maybe) a duo with my debate partner. So I will get to see all of you there. yay again!!! :D

oh and yes, I am froma pretty big family, it can be so muc fun to have a lot of people who love you... I can see that by your pictures!!! :)

:D ted :D

Destiny Jane said...

Oh cool.. so you are going to compete in the tourney... sounds neat! Although, then you will probably win Devin and me if you do a duo with Chris... :0)
It'll be so cool to see ya again! We'll have to play the sign game again. I know that a lot of the people from our club are going to that tourney.

So, you're competing in impromptu eh.. yikes! But, you'll do good! I'm really bad and imp... and blush and turn all red. It’s pretty embarrassing.

What all are you brothers and sisters names and how old are they???

Ted said...

ok lets see there are (in my family):

Thomas, 14
Katie, 12
kurt, 10
kenneth, 7
Coralyn, 5
and Jack, 2

I love 'em!! :)

Lauren Reavely said...

Those are so cute! I like the 1st and the 8th the best. :)