Saturday, February 23, 2008

The two dresses I made

Here are the two dresses I just made yesterday and today without a pattern. I made the pink one first for Emma yesterday and it took me about 3 hours. Then today I made the yellow one for Mercy because she really wanted one and it took me around 2 hours to make. They were supposed to be like the Pride and Prejudice dresses... but the girls didn't want them that long so.... I shorted them a bit! Anyway... that's what I've been doing!
Okay, got to run... I'm going to clean a house! Emma and me now have a job! Yippee! We will make $20 a week (if we work every week) on house cleaning for a lady! So yea... okay, they are calling me! Bye!


drew said...

Very nice, when do i get my clothes? i filled out a bunch of applications for jobs today, so i am right behind you!

Destiny Jane said...

Drew, your clothes probably won't even be started on till about 2 months:D Sorry:0)

So, I won you in getting a job first! Wow... haha:D


Grandma of Many said...

Destiny you are amazing! How many people besides you and Karissa can make dresses with no pattern??? I don't know any. Are you going to make yourself one? Now Cassie and Esther will want one. Love you, Grandma Dot

Ginger said...

Really nice job Destiny..and they do look like dresses from the Pride and the Prejudice era. Wow...and without a pattern. Now I want to see the girls modeling them. Love Aunt Ginger

Aaron Sleadd said...

Nice dresses... you're really good at making them. Alexa thinks her dress is going to be better than yours for the Independence day thing... haha ...she's funny.

See ya tomorrow!

John said...

That is soooooo neat. I'll bet you could have a full time job just making clothes for everyone.

The Goldman Family said...

Very nice des, Emma looks good in the pink dress.