Saturday, February 16, 2008


So.... a lot of stuff has happened since I last talked to all of you!

Yesterday we got Omnibus off so my Grandma Dot took Kaila, Karissa and I to Johan’s to get material to make a colonial dresses for 4th of July (well, Kaila is making a Southern Bell dress). You’re probably thinking, “the 4th of July is in 5 months…” Well, we wanted to get an early start:D So, we did that... I am so happy! I can't wait to get started on making it!

Now for today... well, at about 9:30a.m I went to a class that my mom taught about how to eat healthy.... she did really good! Everybody that’s reading this has to attend it some time!
After that we came home and got all the kids ready because, we were going to get baptized! That's right... baptized... I have been waiting all my life for this. It was amazing! So now me and my family are apart of the covenant of Christ! I am so happy, I feel so clean! The Goldman’s, Anderson’s and all of my family all got baptized (the parents didn‘t, just us kids, oh and our pastor, who is my Uncle Kenny, baptized us)... everyone of us kids!
It was a beautiful baptism. I might put some pictures on later... but if I don't I'm sure you will probably find some on my cousins or Aunts and Uncles blogs. Anyway, I am overwhelmed with joy right now... I could never begin to express it all!!!

So, that's what's been happening...

God Bless you all!



Carla said...

First, I'm really excited to hear all about the baptism. It sounds like God blessed it and I wish we could have been there!
Thank you so much for your responce on our blogg each day, it was really nice to know you reading and to hear you miss us.
we look forward to see you!
Mrs. Deems

Grandma of Many said...

Destiny, It truly was the most amazing day yesterday. I will remember it the rest of my life. What a covenantal family we have and to be part of the family of God. We are so blessed that He loved us so much to die for us when it was us that was in rebellion. Love, Grandma Dot

Aaron Sleadd said...

Wow! You all got baptized. Must have been fun!

See ya at Speech!

Destiny Jane said...

Mrs. Deems: I love reading our blog... it's so neat to hear from you! We all miss you! Can't wait to see ya at speech!

Grandma: It sure was an amazing baptism!!! I am so blessed to be in such a wonderful Christian family... I love you most!!!

Aaron: Yup... we all go baptized! Pretty awesome!!! And, I'll probably see ya at speech! Oh, and did Ultimate Frisbee go good???

Kaleb said...

Hey DeeJ I posted. Are ya happy now? :P

By the way its awesome you all got baptised too!!!

Kaleb said...

look again

Destiny Jane said...

Okay... I saw it:D

Ginger said...

How wonderful to be sharing God's Glory, accepting him as your Savior and starting a new walk with and for HIM from this day forward. What a blessed event for each of you.

drew said...

thats pretty sweet!!!! I got baptized a few years back! So, when do i get my outfit for the 4th? jkjk lol