Thursday, February 21, 2008

A conversation... with my little bro and I

A conversation that went on with Jonathan and I two days ago right before we left for speech when I was putting on Jonathans shoes.

Jonathan: "I love you Destiny!"
Me: (look surprised) "I love you too Jonathan!!!"
Jonathan: "I love you so so much!"
Me: "Well, I love you so so so much!"
Jonathan: "I love you sososososssssososss... much."
Me: "I love you sosososossssssssososss.... much!"
Jonathan: "I love you sooosssoosooosossssso.... much!"
(Conversation continues like this for A LONG time, then)
Jonathan: "Did you know that if I didn't love you that means that I don't love God?"
Me: "Yea, you should treat me the way you would treat God."
Jonathan: "Yup. I love you and I love God!"

Me: "I love you and I love God too!"

Isn't Jonathan the cutest little brother ever?!?



drew said...

Very nice! My little bro can tye his own shoes, so we dont have those touching moments! jk jk lol

Grandma of Many said...

Destiny - that was the sweetest conversation ever and such insight. I love you both get the picture - Love Grandma Dot

Ruth Owen said...

aww that's so cute!!