Wednesday, January 23, 2008


Hello everyone... I need your help! I just decided that I want to do another speech, an OI (which is an Open Interpretation). The only problem is that I'm not sure what to do it on... should I do Ann of Green Gables... the Tinkers Daughter... Gorge Washington's mother... Stepping Heavenward... the Basket of Flowers.... Hedge of Thorns.... so many books keep coming to my mind but I'm not sure which one to pick. If you have any idea's at all please tell me. If you think I'd be good at acting out a book I haven't heard of please tell me... I just need to find one as quick as I can so I can start cutting, editing and memorizing it. Thanks!


The Goldman Family said...

Two of my favorite books Hedge of Thorns and Stepping Heavenward. What ever you pick will be awesome! Love ya

Mr. Sledvinsky said...

Definitely Anne of Green'd fit the part perfectly!!......

Just kidding!

But I still think Anne of Green Gables would be a good'un....mostly cause I don't know much about the others.

Kaila Anderson said...

Yeah Anne would be good...though I love Stepping Heavenward (that one would be hard)

Grandma of Many said...

You could do any of them and do a great job. You need to decide what you would have the most fun doing. See you soon. We are now in San Francisco. Got back from Hawaii tonight. Love, Grandma Dot

Destiny Jane said...

I probably would be good at Ann of Green Gables.... haha;D I love that book... she is so dramatic in everything she says:0)

Oh, and who Mr. Sledvinsky?... I don't know that name... maybe if you tell me a bit about you and who you are I'd remember you:D

Kaila: Stepping Heavenward would be neat but like you said, I was reading it and it would be really hard to cut. I'd probably confuse everyone there:)

Grandma Dot: I can't wait to see you! I just found out that you aren't comeing home till tomorrow... I almost started to cry... just kiding:D I really miss you a LOT and Grandpa Ken! Love you most!!!

Tanks everyone for your comments!

John said...

Last and least, I think you could be just as good or even better as the actress in the film, Anne of Green Gables. You would be soooo good as Anne. Being a drama queen and all!!!! LOL

But like your Grandma said, you will do well in anything thing you do. You are wonderful!

Mr. Sledvinsky Returns said...

You don't remember Mr. Sledvinsky!!??
Oh, actually it's spelled Sleaddvinsky...sorry for the bad spellig.... :D
...maybe that'll give you an idea of who it was!


Destiny Jane said...

Oh... now I know who you are!!! You are one of the Sleadds.... okay, which one are you.... ???? Aaron or Nathan????

Bob & Lindsay said...

Lindsay has all of the Anne of Green Gables movies series and we watch them alot. You would do great in that role, as well as any other you selected.
Love, Bob & Lindsay