Wednesday, January 30, 2008

The Fun time we had!

Okay... so the fun begin last night at about 5:00. Kaila, Karissa, Alex, Collin, Anna, David and I were all going to speech club with Grandma Dot (she took us). We got to GP (Grants Pass) at 5:30 and then went to Apple Bee's to get dinner. But it was going to take to long for us all to order a whole meal, so we only got appetizers... they were good:0) After that we headed to speech and had a wonderful time... as usual! Oh, and I got to give my Persuasive... that was okay... I guess... (I didn't know I had to give it in front of everyone until we were driving there)... I messed up a bit but that's not a biggy, right? :D Anyway, during speech it started snowing... really snowing... snowing hard... snowing really hard! Grandma had told us earlier that if it snowed pretty bad she would just stay the night in GP because she doesn't like driving in the snow. After she told us this Karissa and I were praying it would snow... haha... I know, we 're bad;) So, when it started snowing we had no choice... we got to stay the night!!! Yippe!!! After speech we headed over to Apple Bee's again and had a whole meal (well, Karissa and I shared a meal)... the people there said, "Oh, you're back again." It was kinda funny:0) Then after our wonderful dinner we went over to the all time favorite place ever, Walmart. I mean, who doesn't think it's fun to go into Walmart with 7 teens and their Grandma with them to find a pair of PG's?!? We had a blast! All of us girls got red and pink matching PG's. The boys also got some, but of course they weren't as cute as ours... (Collin's were the best though... heehee... *inside joke*) Grandma even let us get a shirt for the next day... isn't she just too awesome?!?! After that we headed over to the motel at about 11:45. As you can imagine we didn't get in bed till about 12:15. Anna, Karissa, Kaila and I all shared a room together. We stayed up till 1:15 reading Omnibus homework and then when we turned the lights out Karissa and I just had to go and jump on them... well, they got us back and then we all got in trouble because we were to LOUD. Finally morning came and Kaila made sure that we were up bright and early by 6:30 reading our homework... that was fun... really fun... After reading till about 8:00 we decided to go and have some breakfast. We all went down and brought our Omnibus books with us. We ate and read... ate and read... ate and read... and so on and so on... you get the point. ;P Then we packed up our stuff and were on our way. We stoped at the healthfood store and got to get a bar and drink. Finally, we made it home! Sorry you guys all missed out on the fun...
So, thats it... if you even cared to hear about it:0) Well... talk later! Good bye and God Bless!!!
(Sorry I didn't have any pics... I didn't bring my camera with me. But Collin got some pics and maybe he will post some of them... *hint, hint*...)


Grandma of Many said...

Destiny, thanks for the update on our trip to speech. It was fun and I enjoyed being with all of you. I didn't know you prayed it would snow, ha! Well, those are great memories. Love you, Grandma Dot

Stephanie said...

Wow Des!!!!! That's so fun! Hehe... =)
Oh, I'm looking for a book that's really funny. I'm doing an H.I. at the Seattle tournament and I don't have a book yet.
Can you think of any books in mind that are funny?

Well, talk to you later!!!!

Destiny Jane said...

I'm not really sure Steph.... I thought of doing an HI too but never could find a story... well, I did and now Devin is doing it as an HI... so... I wish I could be of more help to you but I really have no clue! Maybe if you go to a book store or library you will find some idea's... well, talk soon!