Saturday, December 22, 2007

Pictures from the dinner and dance

After the dinner and dance we all helped clean... in the picture we are all moping... there was a lot to mop! Abigail, looking cute as always!
Funny Pictures of Mercy and Alexa

What a goofball
David, my wonderful, awesome, amazing, and handsome brother
Aaron, Jonathan and Alexa having fun!
Mercy, my sweet, serving, sister!
Caleb, the little worker who wouldn't let me get a front picture of him... little stinker:0)
Food... yummy!

Mr. McMurray

Here is some pictures of last night when we went to the Christmas dinner and dance (barn dancing). It was really fun... but I poled out my camera towards the end when almost everyone had left and we were all cleaning... sorry:) Anyway, I hope you enjoyed the pictures... we sure had fun... even when we were cleaning! Oh, and the Video is of Mr. McMurray giving an Impromptu speech... it was so funny... I wish we could of got it all on video:( Oh well... at least we got some:0)



Ruth Owen said...

cute pics :o)
I like the ones of Alexa and Mercy they are funny ;o)
Well year probably!!! wow!!!

Aaron Sleadd said...

Great pictures! That sure was fun!
I'm glad you guys were able to come. Alexa was telling dad all day to call your tell him to come....and he finally called....and you all did come. Yippee!

See you later!

John said...

Really good pictures. You can come over and mop my floors any day!! LOL And that was a cute picture of you too!!!!

Alexa Sleadd said...

Note to all: It was late. I go crazy after 9:00. Please disregard any weird pictures of me, as I was not myself at that time.

Destiny Jane said...

Oh Alexa... you are too funny... you are always like that, don't give me that:0) I have funny pictures of you when it was only 1:00p.m. And I've posted them! Haha...

Ginger said...

Bet everyone looked so cute dancing and having a great time. Thanks for sharing your dance pictures. Have a Merry Christmas Destiny.