Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Pics of my little Kruse cousin! He is so cute!!!

He is so adorable! Look at that cute smile!
He has beautiful big eyes!

He has such a cute face!

Here is some pictures of my little cousin Vincent (my dad's sister Haley's baby). He is so cute! I haven't met him yet but saw these pictures of him and boy is he a cutie! I think all Kruse's are adorable.. you just got to face the fact (so are Anderson's:) I have been working on my Dramatic Interpretation all day. I finally got the skript done, but I think it is going to be long... I hate cutting it... but, I probably will have to:( Those of you who are in speech and have done speeches now what I mean... it takes a long time! Anyway... good bye:0)

Happy New Year to all! God Bless!



Alexa Sleadd said...

Aaaw! I love those pics! Except for the fact that he's in a cage! ;) jk

Destiny Jane said...

Wow, Alexa, that was fast comment... I just posted:)

The Goldman Family said...

What a cute little boy! I think he looks different then most of the Kruse's, but he is very handsome just the same. Maybe he looks like his daddy a bit more. I too think Kruse's are very CUTE!! And esp. you Destiny!! :)
Love ya

I can't wait to hear your speech, it will be wonderful I am sure!

Vickie said...

Cute pics...