Saturday, December 1, 2007

Birthday Party Fun!!!

Birthday girls, Mercy, Anna and some weird girl
Card... we had to play nertz at out party! Haha...Anna with her new camera, I got one too:0) The boys playing some gameKarissa
Kaila being funny (she did a slide show of us girls and had a lot of funny pictures of me.. pay back time... JK)
Mrs. Deems and the girls
David, my sharp looking brother
Alex and Tait.... heehee... Tait was trying to turn his head at the same time I took the picture... pretty funny:0) Oh, and I got a hat sorta like Tait's... well, not really... it's more girlish, but kinda close:)Elvis singing with the kids
Today Anna, Mercy and I celebrated our birthday together. It was sooooo much fun! If you didn't come you sure missed out:( Sorry... heehee:0) The Anderson's, Goldman's, and Deems (as far as family's) came. Also, my Grandpa and Grandma came and my Aunt Vickie and the Goldman's grandma. We did Impromptu Duo's, well, sorta... we also had 3 people in them two... so... you get the point:0) It was fun! Oh, and guess what? You probably can't guess so I'll just tell you... I got a Canon camera with 8.0 mega pixels. Pretty cool. Actually, all the pictures I posted were taken from the camera... oh and my Grandma Dot and Grandpa Ken got me the camera. Anyway, it was fun. Ohhhh... I almost forgot, you are probably wondering why I have a picture of Elvis on here and some of us kids singing with him. Well, after the party Grandma took us out to eat and they had this live singing there at the restaurant. It was so cool! Some of us kids got up and sang with him... that was neat. We sang Silent Night and some of the kids sang "Rudolf the Red Nose Rain Dear." Although, none of the kids knew the words to "Rudolf...", so that was kinda funny:0) Anyway, the food was good and we had a good time. God sure has blessed me to have such wonderful family and friends. Well, talk to y'all later. -Destiny

P.S White Rabbit!!! (inside joke)


Kaila Anderson said...

Yeah...well I'm going to post my sideshows of you now!!!!
By the way doesn't my tongue look great? :) I mean who wouldn't want to see my tongue :)

Anonymous said...

That sure was fun. And it was a great party also.

The Goldman Family said...

Great pictures Destiny. It was a great party yesterday.
Love ya

Ruth Owen said...

Sorry we could make it :o( Sounds like you had fun anyways lol. Well HAPPY BIRTH DAY!!!! ~Ruth~

Aaron Sleadd said...

Who is that weird girl in the first picture anyway? ...........Haha! Just kidding.

Well, I don't know if I've officially said it yet, so.....HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!

Too bad we weren't able to come....I'm sure ya'll had fun anyway, right!? :)


Grandma of Many said...

Destiny - great pictures but you could have left the one of Kaila off as I am sure she didn't like it. You better be careful. Be nice to each other. It was a great party.
Love, Grandma Dot