Friday, November 23, 2007


Hiya everyone! Today I would like to be talking about my Thanksgiving day. I will have 3 points.
1: How the Day went
2: What I liked the most
3: What we ate

So my first point, How the day went. Well, I woke up around 8 with rags all in my hair... it wasn't a pretty site (I had curled my hair the night before, using rags). I took those out to find my hair very, very curly. I put it up all nice and got dressed with the dress Karissa bought me the day before for my birthday. Then I started to help get the other kids ready and work on some of the stuff I was going to do for talent show. After that I left with Grandma Dot, David, Grandpa Ken, and Kaleb to go to where we were having it at (which was the Grange in Rogue River) to set up early. We set it up and slowly people began to show up. After that we ate (I won't tell you what till the 3rd point). Then came the huge Talent Show we do every year. After that We cleaned up and headed home around 9:30, but... Karissa came with us so we had to drop her off at her house and then we stayed at her house for a long time and finally we headed home at about 12:00a.m. It was a FUN DAY!

Now my 2nd point, What I liked. My favorite part was the Talent show! It started out with my Uncle Troy, Alex and Collin leading in worship. Then Kenny got up.... well, he was the MC... anyway, he introduced the next people and so on. There was a lot of Talent that was shown is that talent show... it was very cool! Karissa and I, as some of you might have known before Thanksgiving at speech club, did a Duo. We had a week to memorize and get the blocking done... let's just say we tried. It was a duo about the pilgrims going to America (it was mainly about when they were on the ship). The main story was about a girl named Mary that wants to have a home. Finally at the end she realizes that her home is in her Heavenly Father, Jesus Christ. It is a really awesome story. The book is called, "Almost Home." Anyway, we did that and messed up a few times. Oh, and guess what, the times we did mess up were right when everyone was about to cry ( her father and mother die)... I played the main girl (Mary), and I forgot my lines the most. Poor Karissa has to put up with me... I feel for her:0) In all It was a really fun Talent Show!

Okay to my 3rd point, What we ate. Well, this is going to be a pretty short point... the only reason I have it is because I couldn't think of another point, so... yea. We ate the normal stuff, turkey, mashed potato's, yams, cranberry sauce, salad, stuffing, veggies, pumpkin pie with home made whipping cream (my favorite), fudge, Karissa made a awesome moose cake thing... and a lot of other things that I can't think of right now. So, it was a really good meal. Oh, and we had sparkling apple cider to drink.... that was good! The meal was awesome!!!

In conclusion I've talked about my Thanksgiving day. My 3 points were,
1:What we did
2: What I liked most
and 3: What we ate
I hope you all had a very good Thanksgiving too. God bless you all!


Alexa Sleadd said...

That's great, Destiny, sounds like fun. Sorry to say this but... our/my Thanksgiving was better... haha:)

I'm so mean.

Ruth Owen said...

yup, like Alexa said "sound like fun!" Also your post sounds very Clarion lol. 3 points and everything :o) lol. ~Ruth~

Destiny Jane said...

Alexa: Uhhh... Alexa, sorry to say this but... out Thanksgiving was way better! If you were there you would have understood:0)

Ruth: Yea, I did that on purpose... haha:) Funny eh...

Kolten Anderson said...

I can't be leave you haven't posted.

Grandma of Many said...

I like your three points Destiny and yes, it was the best. We are so blessed to have such a wonderful family and such talent. It is truly God working in your lives. Always give all glory to Him and realize we could still be happy with just 5 kernels of corn if we have Him. I love you,
Grandma Dot