Monday, October 22, 2007

Younger years!

Yup, this is what our family looked like in 2004 at thanksgiving. We are much smaller then, don't' you think so???

Note: I didn't post that last post, my brother Devin did when the blogger was in my name. Just so you know. Oh, and I would like to know who left the anonymous comment??? That's all:0)



Ginger said...

Wow..another great picture of the younger years. You were all cute then and still are! Love you all. Thanksgiving is just around the corner so I know you will be taking some more great shots with your camera to share with us. Love you all. Aunt Ginger

Ruth Owen said... cute! lol. Well see ya tonight! bye

Destiny Jane said...

You too:)

Emma Kruse said...

Thats a old picture Destiny.