Monday, October 1, 2007

What's up in my life....

Well, what have I been up to?.... I'm not really sure. Okay, mind, focus!

Today we had Writing class and Omnibus. We left for writing class at 1:00p.m and got back at 7:00p.m. We really don't have much time to do anything.

The posted. Go and check it out.

Our camera is dead and I don't know were the charger is, so I cant post pictures from the trip to the coast:( Sorry.... actually come to think about it, I only had like two pictures I took, haha:D

I still have to do homework. I've been working on Devin and my Duo a whole bunch! It's going to be about ??? I'm not going to tell you just yet. Can you guess???

I'm also doing a DI, can you guess what that is???

Oh, I'm going to go to a "Casting Crown" concert on Thursday. I cant wait! My awesome, wonderful, amazing, best teaching in the world, and pastor, Uncle Kenny is going to take me along with his 3 oldest. It will be sooooooooo fun! Are any of you who are reading this going??? If you are I guess I'll see ya there;)

Alright, see some of you at speech tomorrow night and some of you tomorrow and some of you next year and some of you maybe never... sorry:)



Dottie, Grandma Dot or Mom said...

Well it looks like you are really busy Destiny but that is good. I agree with you on your cousin of the week. Kaila is really a great cousin and sets a great example. I can't wait to see your DUO and I don't know what DI is. Maybe Destiny's Interpretation speech???


Grandma Dot

Anonymous said...

Looks like you are having a busy week as I am with the kids.Jared and Abigail are working very hard today . Abigail trying to get those last 6 letters of the alphabet so she can be on her way to start reading. Huggs to you...

John said...

Wow, you are doing so much. And no, I don't know what DI is. I guess you will doing your speech on Omnibus? Glad you had fun on the coast. Have fun at the concert tomorrow. Poor Kenny! Hope he has earplugs! LOL

Ginger said...

Busy....and more busy you are. Just like your cousins in Phoenix. Be sure and post a short video of you and Devin doing your speech if you can. Find your charger so you can post more pictures. Have fun at the concert and yes it is nice of your Uncle Kenny to take you. What a great Uncle he is! Lots of love. Aunt ginger