Thursday, October 25, 2007


Ruth and Alexa
Which look do you like better of these two pictures???

Some pictures of my friends...


Grandma of Many said...

Well, we are out in the middle of the ocean. I tried to get Kenny's site up and Tami's but it took way too long. You pay by the minute on the internet. I think it is all the pictures that takes so long. Great pictures Destiny. Will you please let everyone know I was going to comment on all the sites but it doesn't look possible. I knew everyone would be on yours. I love all of you and miss you. See you all soon. Your Mom and Dad are having a wonderful time. I went on a pirate ship with them yesterday and we did snokeling. We'll tell you more later and show pictures.


Grandma Dot

Ruth Owen said...

nice pictures..:o)~Ruth~

Destiny Jane said...

Okay Grandma, I will:) I sure do miss you, grandpa and my parents! I'm glad you're having fun:0)

Ruth: I asked which one of those two you liked better and you never said! lol...

Ruth Owen said...

Oh srry I like the second one better of those two. :o)