Saturday, October 6, 2007

What do you think of these???

I messed around with these pictures and look what happened. They actually look pretty cool. The first picture is Kaila Karissa and I with the Drummer in Casting Crows. (we got a picture with him, pretty awesome!). The second picture is the Omnibus crew and the third one is as you probably can tell our speech club last year. (it's a lot bigger this year!). The forth one is of a picture I took of a rose, if you cant already tell;0) The fifth one is just a closer picture of the first one of Kaila and I. (It was actually the first one I did in this look). Ok, bye now... leave a comment!



Grandma of Many said...

Great pictures Destiny. This is Grandma Dot, Anna, Ellie, Emma, Esther, Cassie, and Mercy at the hotel room writing you. We are now going swimming again. See you at church.



John said...

You certainly have a lot of people in your speech class. And the pictures did turn out good. You seem to have the touch.

Aaron Sleadd said...

Cool Pictures!

Anonymous said...

the second pic looks like a cd cover-stile picture :):P

Aarons litt;e bro

Destiny Jane said...

Hey Caleb! You know you didn't have to name yourself as Aaron's little bro... I know who you are. It's funny though because you said the same thing that Aaron said on one of my other posts. :-) See ya at speech club, oh and I tagged you last, haha:P
-David's little sis (heehee)