Saturday, October 27, 2007

10 Things you might not know about me

1: I'm only 13
2: I hate fish!
3: I have a bad temper
4: I'm not an early riser (unless I have to get up early)
5: My birthday is Nov 21st
6: It's hard for me to think about what you don't know about me
7: I wear pants around the house (some times)
8: I like doing daring things
9: I had blond hair when I was little
10: I'm not really good at any instrument (but I still sometimes like to play for fun)

And that is 10 things you might not know about me:)

(Ruth did something like this and I thought it was kinda cool... :)


The Goldman Family said...

What you said in your last post,about Alex(a)s, might be vary true but you gotta admit I need a little practice till I'm at the same level as Alexa.
See ya at church.

John said...

I knew most of those things about you, and I think I could add some more, if you know what I mean!!!

Aaron Sleadd said...

You have a bad temper? *gasp!*

Ellie Anderson said...

Now I now everything about you (jk) Look at my blog and you can see what we been going. Love you and miss you

Destiny Jane said...

Aaron: I knew you would say something like that...

Uncle John: How did you already know all of that???

Ellie: I will go to your blog, I bet you are having a fun time! Your dad preached a really good sermon today... but you had to miss it:)


Ginger said...

Good post Destiny about your 10 things people might not know about forgot to say that you are beautiful, gifted at speech, a talented artist, have a gorgeous smile and above all you present a sweet aura when anyone meets you. Just thought I would mention those!

Destiny Jane said...

Ah... thanks Ginger:) But... everyone already knows that:D Well... maybe not:)

Ruth Owen said...

woah, we both hate fish. At least I'm not the only one lol. ~Ruth~