Monday, September 3, 2007

More Old Pictures

The Grandkids a bit olderUs Kruse kids (Jared, Abigail and Jonathan were not born yet:)
Mercy, Emma and Me
David, Devin and Jared (now Jared is born
The Girls (now Abigail is born)
The Boys
Kruse Kids together except Jonathan wasn't born
Jared, doesn't he look like Jonathan? I think so:)
Mercy, sorry the pic isn't very clear
Devin Me

The Grandkids a bit older again:)

Here is a few more pictures when we are all still pretty little. I hope you enjoy looking at them:)



Ginger said...

Loved the older fact I have some copies here in Arizona of a few of them because I thought you were all sooooo cute! Love Aunt Ginger

John said...

Great pictures. You guys take such good pictures. Emma was really cute back then...I wonder what happened!!!! jk lol

ME said...

how can you take that many pictures? AHHHH!!!!


Ellie Anderson said...

Those are some cute pics

Anonymous said...

Great family pictures of you all. Huggggers to you....