Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Hello everyone!!! Sorry I haven't posted in awhile. I've just been so busy! We just got back from speech club. It was really fun! I gave my personal presentation. I guess I'll just post that. Oh, and everyone else that gave there's did a really good job.

Personal Presentation
By Destiny Kruse

There was a girl predestined for a life ahead of her. She would be in a family of ten and be the second of eight kids. That girl is me, and my name is Destiny Kruse. Today I would like to enlighten your understanding of me in 3 points, my Present, Past and Ambitions.

So, my Present: like I said before I am in a family of ten. I am 13 years old. My birthday is November 21. I enjoy speech, theology, Omnibus, being with Friends and family, Ultimate Frisbee, speech tournaments, horse riding, watching movies, scrap booking, doing my blog, knitting, travailing, playing mandolin, fiddle and guitar and just having plain old fun.

Okay, moving on to my Past, actually moving back to my past: I was born in Marble Washington in 1993. God blessed me so much by putting me in a Christian family.
Since I am the second of 8 kids I had a lot of responsibilities. I guess you could just say I learned lots of patience. I believe that God was forming be into a virtuous woman for His kingdom.

Alright, my Ambitions: I don’t know what Gods plan in my life is exactly, but I do have ambitions. My firs and foremost ambition is to serve God. If it is possible I would love to some day get married to a devoted Christian young man and have 12 kids. I want to raise them up to be world changers to advance God’s kingdom on earth and I also defiantly want to home school them.

So, in conclusion, I have talked about my present, past and ambitions.

The Lord had a plan in my life from the day I was born up until now. He knows my beginning and end. My main focus in life is to serve and glorify Him and fulfill His Destiny in me.

Thank you:0)
Well, there it is:-) Sorry if there is any typos or misspelled words. I had to type fast. So,what do you think???
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Grandma of Many said...

Yeah, I get to be first commenting on your speech. I beat you John. It was an awesome speech and I am so proud of all of you and enjoyed going last night, although I missed your speech so glad to read it this morning.


Grandma Dot

Anonymous said...

Well, sounds like your life is pretty planned from the past to now and your plans down the road. Nice speech...

The Goldman Family said...

Great job Destiny. I am so proud of the godly young lady you have become. You are a blessing to your family and all the other families too, we love you very much. I know God will keep using you for His glory. We will all be watching to see how the future unfolds for you. I like the part of the 12 kids (sounds like your mom...which would be great!)

Ruth Owen said...

that's really good Des!~Ruth~

John said...

Last, but not least, I would like to say that you are off to a great start. Keep it up. I think you will do great things in your life. By the way, I let "grandma of many" win!!! lol