Wednesday, August 22, 2007


Guess where I've been today??? Well, I'm going to be in a movie... and no, it's not Aaron's movie. Well, we know this homeschooling family, their son is making this movie. I'm just a little filler in the empty spots. Alex and Collin and Anna are going to play music in the movie. (It's not going to be a professional movie or anything... but it will still be cool and funny:). The clothing is all medieval. So I got to wear Karissa's medieval dress and cape. That was fun, until the sun started coming out... that wasn't so fun...:P

What else should I tell you??? Well I guess I could tell you that I haven't done any school today... except reading. I'm reading a book called, The Midshipman Quin. It's really funny:D Have you ever heard of it???

Alright.... I should go now... talk to you on my next post;D

P.S The picture has nothing to do with anything that I talked about. I just thought it would be fun to post it;) What do you think of it??? Pretty funny eh?


Kenny's Favorite Nephew said...

sounds like a lot of fun!

by the way nice picture :P


Disciple Micheal said...

Hello. I happened to run across your blog while looking through blogs that had the Bible listed as their favorite books. You seem very interesting and I applaud your goals for life, as I share several of them. My name is Micheal. I live in Oklahoma and I am also trying to live a life that glorifies Christ.

Anonymous said...

Cool yer going to be in a movie.

Ruth Owen said...

Oh that book is one of Alexa's favorites..But Sound fun I love dressing up. Oh and the picture is funny:o) ~Ruth~

Destiny said...

Hey Ruth:
You said that the book I was talking about was Alexa favorite... well, Aaron let me borrow it:) He gave it to me on Karissa's b-day party. So, it really is the Sleadd's... ha:D


Glow Girls said...

Yes, I like a lot of the pics on your site, and esp your header. My sisters and I just started a blog and we are learning all of this stuff - I was just happy to finally get music on mine! We have a long ways to go! How do you make a header? Nevermind - it's probly too hard anyways.

John said...

Hi Destiny: Hope you won't forget the little people when you become a big movie star! Don't forget; there are no small parts, just small actors! Hope I will be able to see you in the movie.

Destiny said...

To:Glow girls,
Hi:) So... do I know you??? Just wondering.
Where do you live??? In O.R?
I saw that you commented on my cousin Kaleb's blog. Do you know him???

Oh, my Uncle Kenny made me this header, I don't know how he does it:D Well, please answer my questions... thanks:)