Wednesday, July 4, 2007


Happy 4th of July!!!!

Hope everyone has a good time today, I know I am going to. Heehee:) We are going to have a big barbecue and talent show. It's going to be fun!!! Well, talk to ya later.


Ruth Owen said...

Hey Des take pictures and post em k. ~Ruth~

Miss Carmaan said...

yeah, ditto what "ruth owen" said...oh, and HI!!! :P I know, I know! "It's about time!" hee, hee...yes, I'm at home again, now and am back to stay for awhile! YES! I have made a few new posts...not much, though, considering all the time we were gone. I'll keep at it! LOVE seeing your beautiful smile, Destiny Jane! Rhiana loves looking at your pages, too. ~ more,later ~