Sunday, May 27, 2007

What happened Yesterday

We had an absolute blast yesterday!!! We went to Victoria, Colleen, and Nathan’s graduation celebration. We played out door games, had a barbecue, worship and even had a barn dance. I’ll go through each one telling you what we did and the thing I liked most in that subject. So first we played out door games. The first game we played was … I don’t really know how to explain it. Ok first we all split into groups, 1, 2, 3 and 4. I was in group 1!!! Then what we did was we had a bat that we all had to go around in circles with our head to the bat with the bat on the ground 8 times. Then we had to have a clothes pin in our mouth and put it on the clothes line with out touching it, we repeated this till all the players got a turn. (The team who got through it first won). Sorry to say but our team came in last, Bo-Ho! The reason why though is because we had 12 people in our group and they all had 8 or 9 people, so we evened out the groups! After that we had a two legged race. Our team won, yippee!!! The next game we played was to have one of those huge soda cans and fill it up one cup at a time. Guess who won, I think we did. Yea we did. After that we had to build a pyramid, you know, how we all get on top of each other and have a killing of a time. Yep, that one, guess who won, It was ether us, or we came in second. Oh well. Moving on with the day. You will never guess what we did next, Tug-a- war!!! It was soooo much fun. We won that game with group 2 on our team. And after that Aaron tallied up the points to see which team won the most, and guess… ok you already know, our team got the price!!! We all got a bag of sunflower seeds. Oh boy, what is this world coming to :-) (my favorite game was Tug-a-war).
Then we all ate hot dogs and other little snacks and after that had a great time of worship and prayer. Some other girls and me sat in the front row, I don’t know why (my favorite song was, Let your Kingdom Come). After that we had the Barn Dance!!! My dad got to call most of the dances. Everyone said he did really well. Good job DAD!!! We did the Virginia Reel, and some other dances but my favorite one was Swing Dancing. It’s really fun when you get the hang of it. So that was our day yesterday! Well, I should go know, (I have to get ready to go to church). May God bless you
P.S Sorry I didn't get any pics when we were there, but I didn't have the camera (my mom took it).


I am called Aaron Sleadd said...

That was such a blast! Wish I could re-live it all over again! :)

Destiny Kruse said...

Yea me to:)