Monday, May 14, 2007

What's New

Here is a picture we took of us yesterday

I'm sorry I didn't post yesterday but we were pretty busy. I woke up at 7:30 yesterday which was pretty early because we stayed up till like 11:00 the night before. The reason I woke up so early though was because we went to the Sleadd's church, and they live in Grants Pass so we had a way to drive. We went to their church and it was a really good sermon. Then after that we went out to brunch for Mothers Day. We had a great time. ( We drank sooooooooo much apple cider there) Then our church was canceled so the Sleadd's invited us over to come to their house. We had a lot of fun. Nathan let Devin, Emma, Mercy, Jared and Abigail go on the zip line he made. They had a blast. I wish I could have gone but I wasn't dressed properly to do it. Maybe some other time if we ever go over to their house again. After that we went to the Riverside park to play Ultimate Frisbee. (David and Devin drove with Nathan and we took Caleb.) Anyway, after that we had a barbecue. We stayed there till 9:00 p.m and finally got home. So now you see what I meant when I said I didn't have any time yesterday to post. May God bless you.


Alexa Sleadd said...

cool! SOunds like a lot of fun! I wish I'd been there, and I'm glad you've blogged about it because I was just dying to know how it went!

Natalie said...

I'm so glad your family came, Destiny! It was so fun having y'all there.

Destiny Kruse said...

Hey Alexa you have to post more stuff on what your doing at your sisters house. Tell moreeee about the baby ( and I also want to hear about youuuuu). Thanks for posting a comments you two.

Kaleb Anderson said...

awww I miss you guys. Oh well I guess we'll see you in July. Yipee

Devin Kruse said...

Yea I cant wait to see you guys to.

Kaila Anderson said...

Sounds like fun :)